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If you're an author or a budding author looking for support, you've come to the right place. In Collaboration's Sam is a published author, so has been through every step of the journey herself. Also running the indie publishing house A Thousand Yellow Daisies, Sam knows every step of the way, from writing and illustrating to publishing and marketing. We can take the pressure off with guidance and admin support, making sure that our clients can focus on their creative process. 

Let us do the background work for you, using our experience and contacts in the publishing industry. You'll feel free to immerse yourself in the creation of your book, while we expertly manage the rest of your to-do list for publishing your work.

Have a look at some of the services we offer authors below, or get in touch now to see how we can help you bring your story to life. 

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Finding an Illustrator
Finding the right illustrator for you can be a tricky job... It's important to find an illustrator with the right style for your vision. You need to be certain that the person you working closely with to bring your story to the masses can be trusted. Don't risk your vision being compromised with an unknown contact; imagine the disappointment if the illustrations for your book don't meet your expectations.
Publishing your book
Whether you need help working out how to complete the journey yourself, finding the right editors and typesetters for your project; or you want someone to execute the process for you, leaving you more time to write and promote your book, we are here to help you to accomplish your goal!
Funding your project 

Publishing a book can be expensive. You need to cover the costs of illustration and formatting your work, then fund the cover design and publishing costs. We know that for a lot of new authors this is overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. We support authors with their funding options, helping to find the right way to bring a project to life, from pre-orders to crowdfunding. 

Crowdfunding is an amazing opportunity for budding authors, giving a promo opportunity and the chance to fund the project to help you bring it to life. Sam's first crowdfunding project for her first book was 509% successfully funded, raising over £5000. 

We provide advice and support to help with your crowdfunding projects, we can offer a full crowdfunding service to help you bring your page and marketing plan to life.... and remember that all costs involved in realising your vision can be factored into the funding targets! 

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Marketing your book

Successful book marketing is about building a community. Once your book is published it's important to build a community and promote that book. We offer marketing and social media services to all our authors which has been highly successful for existing clients. We've seen over 1000% increases in Facebook page reach for clients, with authors increasing their followers with their key audience... not just any old followers! 


Building this community before launching can be highly valuable, one of our authors chose this approach and has built a highly engaged Facebook community who are already interested in courses, training and books when they launch... before she even has a finished project! 

With our help, you can build your own amazing community too... just get in touch. 

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