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  In Collaboration Community Awards  

The In Collaboration Community awards run on the last Wednesday of each month on Twitter. 

There are 3 categories we award all focused on community support. 

• Collaboration 

• Advice 

• Kindness

Simply nominate a small business that you think deserves the award who has shown kindness, provided advice or collaborated to support the small business and creative communities. 

Send your tweet to @ICCollabCreate from 9am-7pm using the hashtag #ICCA, tell us who you're nominating and why. 

ICTweetAwards PROMO1-13.png

Winners will receive a badge they can use to promote their award, a week of twitter promotion and 1 month free membership. 

We will select 3 winners every week, one for each category. We also give the nominator of the winners a Super Supporter win as a thanks for taking the time to share their gratitude! 

 I'm A Winner 

You've won an award... congratulations! Now what? 

Simply head to the log in bar in the top right of this website and sign up! Once you're signed in we'll give you access to the members only forum to chat, ask for advice, share successes and have 24/7 community access all month. 

For a blog feature head over to our questionnaire here. We'll write and publish your feature on our blog! 

You can also join in with the winners hour on Twitter every last Wednesday of the month 7-8pm ... see you there! 

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