1-1 Creative Toolkit Program 

You wouldn’t try to create without your most fundamental equipment... so why do this in business?

If you don’t focus on building your business toolbox you’re end up trying to run a business with an ‘empty toolbox’ - without the tools, methods and techniques you need to create!

This can display itself as low engagement, low conversion, poor sales, endless to do lists, confusion around what you do and your value, lack of direction and clarity, poor time management and more.

The 1-1 Tool Kit program helps you to avoid empty tool kit syndrome grow sustainably and consistently.

I help independent artists, illustrators and makers to turn their creative passion into a real creative business through my 1-1 supportive program. I’ll teach you to grow your creative business by implementing strategies, methods and techniques designed specifically for creative businesses.

Running a creative passion as a business requires a tool kit of techniques, methods and strategies. In the same way as producing your creative works requires a set of tools, your business needs the same.

Your toolkit always starts with the fundamental piece of equipment, the one item you couldn’t create without. You then add tools that work in tandem to allow you to do what you do easier, better and faster. Then you add the additional tools, the extras that allow you to do more, to do the admin, the everyday extras used in your business.

Your business toolkit is the same: it needs a foundation tool on which your business is built, additional tools to allow you to run it better, faster and easier, then you add on tools that allow you to do more, achieve more and grow in the way you want.

Interested in growing your creative venture into a full creative business, giving you the freedom to work when you want and on the projects you want? 

Let's have a chat! Book an hour call so we can discuss your challenges, generate ideas to solve your problem and find out more about the 1-1 program to find out if it's a good fit for you.