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...Whatever your business needs you'll it and more with In Collaboration's community, services and products.

  Why Collaborate  


Collaboration is endless possibility. 

Providing support, opportunities and growth that are not achievable alone - collaboration offers endless benefits.

Not only does collaboration provide an opportunity to create new ideas, utilise other skills and access an extended audience but also provides community, support and extended levels of creativity, happiness and success.

Harvard researcher Shawn Achor has proven that we are 64% more productive when working together, and maintain this productivity for extended periods of time. He has also proven that we feel more happiness and for longer when sharing happiness with others. 

Find creative happiness now. Start collaborating.

Ever had an idea but don't have all the skills to create it? 

Ever had creative block and need inspiration? 

Ever had a success and no one to share it with? 

Ever had a problem and don't know who to ask for advice?

With a collaboration you can bring every element of a project to the highest skill level by complimenting your best skills with someone else's expertise. 

Bounce ideas off each other and inspire creativity, growth and new creations.

Always have someone to celebrate with and someone to share problems with, working together for better, faster solutions. 

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  Why In Collaboration  


At In Collaboration we truly believe in mutual benefits for all and are dedicated in finding and supporting the best solutions for each individual. 

Whether it's supporting a brand new business find their feet and their community helping them to grow and avoid making common mistakes...

Supporting businesses who are ready to expand and are looking for creative challenges, new inspiration and extended lines... 

Or taking the pressure and time commitments of rapidly expanding new collaborations off of your plate so you can focus on what you do best... 

In Collaboration are here to help you make the most of your collaborative opportunities and find happiness in creativity. 

More than Projects

In Collaboration started in 2018 when Samantha saw a need for easier collaboration. Having seen the benefit of collaborative working first hand in her design business, Samantha started looking for new collaboration projects but hit some challenges.


  • Finding people with an interest in collaboration 

  • Ensuring the quality of any potential partners    

  • Managing and tracking the projects throughout 

  • Listing collaborative items in a shop to reach both audiences and manage stock levels 

So Samantha brought in her dad, Andy, to start In Collaboration. Having built a bespoke collaboration management tool with plans to relaunch the system and shop in the future, now In Collaboration are prioritising growth, community and benefits to all members first and foremost. Community growth will not only provide the vital support and opportunities members need, it will also allow funding, connections and reach to have the best impact for each of our members when we relaunch. 

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Bekki Fawkes,

Roller Dirty Soaps

"I love In Collaboration because it means I can problem solve with other small businesses owners and learn from their experience. It is also a really welcoming and supporting environment"

Zara Emily.jpg

"I think the website In Collaboration is a great place to then find people that you can network and collaborate with. I reckon great projects will come from that and I look forward to being part of that" 

Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 20.54.20.png

"This (In Collaboration) book project (Uh-Oh Books) has made me so focused and happy and on my whole business feels like it finally has a purpose it's amazing"

Zara Sheppard, 

Zara Emily

Rachel Falber, 

Hare Raising Designs 

  Don't Just Take Our Word... 

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