Our Story:

In Collaboration is founded by a father – daughter duo dedicated to inspiring easy collaboration within the creative industry. We 100% believe you cannot achieve the same alone as you can through collaboration. As much as most of us try, we cannot be talented at everything, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying to achieve the best, highest quality and most importantly highest value we can. By working with others who are specialists in the area you lack, together you can succeed much more than alone.

Collaboration not only solves strategic and physical problems for creatives but also supports social and mental wellbeing and development. As proven in Shawn Achor’s research into happiness, "Small potential is what you can accomplish alone. Big potential is the success and happiness you can achieve only in connection with other people".

We are dedicated to helping you achieve success through mutual benefits. Our ethos is the heart of In Collaboration, everything we do and every decision we make. We want to see you find happiness and achieve success through supporting other creative businesses and gaining mutual benefits together. We know how much it takes for you to run your business and achieve that success you are aiming for, which is why we strive to solve and support as many aspects of your journey as possible.Every problem we solve is a problem we have seen in creative collaborative working. Every partner we involve solves a problem you have told us affects you as a small business owner. Your opinion, your business and your problems matter to us. As a collaborator we will strive to make your creative business journey easier and help you succeed.


Meet Andy – Co Founder & Technical Director AndysLinkedIn

Having grown up as one of three boys raised by a single mum, never finding much of an interest in school, Andy found an interest in computers that paved his way to a successful career. With a passion for computers, Andy found himself a work experience placement at Tamar while attending college. At the end of the placement an offer for a rolling contract job was offered due to no available positions available within the company at the time, but Tamar didn’t want to lose such a talented, hard-working and passionate young programmer. Tamar eventually found an opening for a permanent position within the company and Andy started in his first permanent role at just 19.

Continuing his career progression through a variety of roles, Andy has now been working as a Software developer for a total of more than 30 years. Working in permanent roles during the early years of his two children - Samantha and Matthew’s - lives, Andy has since worked in contract roles for more than 10 years. Having dedicated more than 30 years of his life to pursuing knowledge and skills within the programming world, Andy has a great reputation, high skill set and knowledge base of software development and computer programming.

Andy has never been one to take the easy road or to be content with what he has and what he’s achieved so far. When his daughter Samantha was just a couple years old, Andy completed an Advanced Maths Open University course by working his 9-5 job, getting home and spending the hours until bedtime with his daughter then working on the course through the evening. He’s since trained and reached second dan black belt in Karate, learning Piano grade 7, playing keyboard in a pop-rock band, completing grade 8 Saxophone and now confidently playing solos with the Phoenix wind band. Now, teaching himself all the aspects of web deployment he’s never before worked on while working between contracts, on evenings and weekends Andy is passionate, committed and working hard to achieve these new goals…and as he’s proven throughout his life, no matter the goal or the hurdles along the way, he can and does achieve everything he sets his mind to and more.

Meet Samantha- Co Founder and Managing DirectorSamsLinkedIn

With an interest in business from the early age of 16, starting a business had always been on the cards for Samantha.During college, art school and university, Samantha focused on learning both the creative and business skills she would need to one day start her own company. When accepting the role of President of the enterprise society during her first year of BA Graphic Design course, Samantha had to adapt to a steep learning curve. Quickly finding her feet and her voice, Samantha then became innovative with her ideas for the society, worked hard to make them reality and became inspired, motivated and energetic. Knowing she didn’t want it to end, Samantha began her design business, A Thousand Yellow Daisies, in her final year at Southampton Solent University.Having now run A Thousand Yellow Daisies for almost 2 years, Samantha has learnt first hand how hard it is to run your own small creative brand. From this experience Samantha has learnt many of the dos and don’ts in business as well as the difficulties for small creative brands. Having found a passion and potential in collaborative working, Samantha was then frustrated to find so many difficulties in the process and so the concept for In Collaboration came to be.

So why collaborate?

But why in collaboration?

Collaboration is a growing trend, from the big companies all the way down to small, independent companies; if you start looking you’ll notice a large number of collaborations, often referred to as ‘partnerships’. Here’s why everyone is collaborating...
  • Mutual benefit, mutual success
  • 100% handmade
  • You work together to succeed and achieve
  • Share everything: your audience (it’s doubled!), the work load, the costs
  • It’s like gaining a partner - you’re not so alone anymore, and we know how lonely running a small business can be
  • They encourage you
  • They motivate you
  • They rely on you (which is a motivation all of its own)
  • They understand the pressures and struggles because they are in the same position
  • You benefit and succeed together
  • You share the difficulties
  • You support each other
  • Help others and gain from others at the same time
Ok, so I can see the benefits of collaborating…but why should I use the In Collaboration platform rather than just do it alone? Well…you could do it alone, but here’s the benefits to joining our platform…
  • Let us solve your problems
  • Let us do the hard part for you
  • Spend your time creating and doing what YOU are best at!
  • Give back and support fellow small businesses
  • We live and breath mutual benefit meaning that we know you are as vital to us as we are to you...and we’ll treat you that way!
  • Access a hub of creative partners and support systems
  • Save time
  • Create better, higher quality, unique products that you believe in because you know it’s high value
  • Create 100% handmade
  • Trust the manufacture process - it’s lovingly made by someone just like you
  • Keep track of your projects easier
  • Help the UK small business market succeed
  • Gain added benefits and business support that you need
  • Gain a support system
  • Become part of a bigger picture - it’s lonely as a small business and easy to fall into seeing what you need to see and not the bigger picture
  • Learn more from being part of a larger network, and that equals gaining more
  • Create a more professional polished brand

What Are Collaborators?

Collaborators are a term for our members. All our members share our interest in collaborative working and use the platform to make collaboration easier.

Collaborative working is where two or more individuals come together to create a project sharing all aspect, from costs and workload to sales and profits. Collaboration does not always mean a 50/50 split, however it does mean a shared and vested interest unlike commissions, freelance, outsourcing or employing.


How Membership works:

  • Apply to become a collaborator.
  • Receive your acceptance email and access details if you meet the application requirements.
  • Use the network to find potential collaborators and connect.
  • Send messages to chat, discuss and plan potential projects.
  • Propose a project adding in both of your costs as discussed and your agreed profit split.
  • Start working on your project together, share project updates, tasks and photos as you create your vision.
  • Complete your project and turn it into a product listing in the store. The product will link to both collaborators meaning you only have to list it once!
  • Sell your product. Promote your items and send your customers direct to the store link to sell your product. Once they check out you’ll receive a dispatch request. Once you’ve dispatched your order we will pay you your share of the project as defined by your cost and profit splits.
  • Hurrah! You’ve sold your collaborative product and together achieved mutual benefits and success! Make more of your products, start a new project or make a new collaboration connection to keep seeing mutual benefits!


As a collaborator you’ll also be entitled to additional benefits, such as feature opportunities, product showcase opportunities.

You’ll also find discounted services from our partner companies supporting many of the aspects small business owners struggle with. With services included from social media marketing, listing writing and business stationery to photography graphic design, web design and even life and wellbeing balance. Our benefit partnerships are consistently expanding and your opinions matter. By telling us what problems you have in your small business we will strive to find partners to solve all of your difficulties to make running your small business easier.

Support articles, videos, webinars and more from our expert partners will also be available to collaborators for free to provide as much additional support as possible.

High Quality Products


Our shop is under construction and will be arriving soon. The In Collaboration shop will be the only place to shop for the bespoke collaborative handcrafted goods made through the In Collaboration platform.

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